Minecraft's tommorow today!

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Here on Paradox, there are many games you can find, from PVP to anarchy game modes.

~ Our history ~

We were originaly started by Sqan as a hybrid factions/games server, Sqan began laying the fundimentals of what we would be, including setting up a rough version of Factions and Para-Games. Soon after Sqan began the process of setting up the Kit PVP server Strikewyrm took over the mantle of owner.
Soon after disaster struck, the server provider we had used for the entirety of our existence went down, after weeks of downtime we decided to move hosts. However this proved difficult, many of the files corrupted during transfer and a number of things broke beyond repair.
And so began the dark times, months of tireless effort on the staffs part to get the server online seemed to be going nowhere and Corona loomed as an ever present shadow. Behind the scenes it was agreed to make one final surge and succeed or let paradox pass on.
Yet help came from some unexpected places: Jonnie, the owner of a prior itteration of ParadoxMC, offered to help and even gifted us with the .org domain; members who had been dormant came to the fore when called. all of this allowed us to get back on track and release successfully.
All that brings us to today, we have a thriving community and look forward to reaching the top!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible!